Kingmaker Genetix is a name that speaks for itself! We have been creating award winning strains for years. Officially founded in 2014, our work goes back way further. We only use the best, most popular, and exotic genetics to create our strains. We work closely with other breeders and use genomic testing to insure that all of our strains are 100% authentic. 

Kingmaker Genetix strains are the result of years of extensive breeding and pheno hunting. We take our strains seriously. We work and rework our genetics line to create the most stable genetics available.

 None of our strains are geneticaly modified or feminized ever!

award winners


Kings Blend

Royal Purple

we have bred hundreds of strains with our full catalog to be available soon!

Our signature strains are the creme de la creme of our genetics company and most commonly used in our products!

Signature Strains

captain chronic


neville's purps


Kryptonic Kronic

Radioactive Cookies


Kryptonic Kronic

Radioactive Cookies