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Kingmaker Signature Strains are our core tier of flower, culled from vintage genetic ancestry from all over the globe. These aromatic selections are engineered for the aficionado, providing both a unique appearance and exceptional experience. Kingmaker Signature Strains represents the absolute highest quality product that is available on the market.


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Kingmaker Genetix specializes in maximumizing profitability through genetics. What this means is that our genetics are created with the commercial cultivator in mind and maximizing the profits of a grow. We select strains based on shorter flowering times with above average yields that have consumer appeal through colors, smell, or both. This allows cultivators to produce more product in the same space while keeping the shortest flowering time possible.

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Kingmaker pre-rolled joints are all handmade and packed to the perfect consistency, using a cardboard filter and the thinnest natural paper on the market. This technique creates the best consistency, purest smoke possible, and a smoother drag.

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Kingmaker Concentrates are available in many different forms ranging from shatter, live resin, rosin, sugar, and our signature cake batter. We also offer preloaded cartridges and syringes.

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Coming Soon!

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